Fan Episode

What is the Fan Episode?

We want to put a show together, where we can cover specifically what you want to hear!

The Fan Episodes will be posted on the 15th of every month. Each Episode will feature:

10 songs that you voted on out of 20! We will do a countdown of the songs on each episode!

6 comics that you want reviewed! We will give you a list of 12 comics each month, and you let us know which 6 you want to hear about!

1 Movie Review! We will give you a list of 6 movies each month and let you choose which one Decapitated Dan and Rondal from the Strange Kids Club review!


How do I vote for what I want?

Each week we will run a poll right here on the Monsters & Metal Website. You can always find it right over there ----->

Come back each week to vote for the next topic. It's just that easy!